Summer Camp for Kids

“Señora Jackie” started this INTERACTIVE LANGUAGE PROGRAM as response to parents who are eager to promote cultural awareness and language acquisition in a fun and exciting way in their native language as well as in other languages for their preschool through middle school students. Teachers and students impress and have an effect on each other allowing a two-way flow of knowledge. Language classes for kids need to be front and center using relevant content that is engaging and hands-on. Teachers, curriculum, materials and the overall vision are culturally focused.

Summer Camp for Kids Los Angeles


Cultural Bytes makes sure our students, parents, colleagues and institutions receive a personalized service hopefully tailored for their unique language learning needs. Each program is designed uniquely and always includes the pillars of our foundations: open to kids ages 4-12, total immersion approach (no-English allowed in class), game-based and promoting cultural awareness.

Teaching Team

Cultural Bytes is operated right here in Southern California. Other programs may offer similar services, but our services are the most creative and come with a personal touch. Our Instructors are ALL native speakers in the target language holding higher education degrees from the US and/or their country of origin. Men and women are all fully background checked, fingerprinted and VIRTUS certified. Instructors are trained to address different proficiency levels and age groups. They all love to share their unique culture through each of their classes.

Señora Jackie!

Teacher Sandrine!

Teacher Lulu!

Teacher Alessia!

Teacher Mengyi!

Señora Jackie!

Teacher Valentina!

Teacher Johana!

Teacher Lulu!

Teacher Sandrine!

Teacher Alessia!

Teacher Mengyi!


… When we picked our son up from camp, he told me he loved it! They change activities every 30 minutes which keeps the kids engaged and interested. I’m completely impressed with everything I saw and hope to send him to camp full time very soon!


Demo Class Winter Camp
Los Angeles, California

…  He is thrilled to be starting Spanish again this next semester.   And as parents, my husband and I are so impressed with Sra Jackie’s professionalism, enthusiasm and passion for language and learning.  We highly recommend any program she offers through Cultural Bytes.


This is my son’s second time at Cultural Bytes.  He loves it!  When I pick him up at the end of the day, he doesn’t want to go home!  The staff is great and Sra. Jackie is impressive!  …

I am soooo happy he is at Cultural Bytes this summer!  Thank you to Sra. Jackie and her great staff!!!

“You are truly a gifted teacher! my kids kept on insisting “solamente español”  all through the evening.” 

Laura Pulido

Odyssey Charter School

My 7 yr old daughter went to Winter Immersion camp & LOVED it! Jackie & her teachers are all wonderful, fun & engaging.  They made it so much fun my daughter is asking for more ASAP!!

Kevin D.

Spanish Winter Camp

My daughter is more enthusiastic about speaking Spanish after only a few days here. Camps are full of fun games and activities that are age appropriate and engaging

Ivory T.

Spanish Winter Camp

Spanish ONLINE 1-1.

Fun, live, interactive, fast paced and yet focused class ALL in Spanish for kids ages 4-12 in Los Angeles, California. Your student will be tackling new vocabulary and expressions in every class while building specific skills depending on the student’s level in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Seemingly overwhelming at first, our teachers quickly engage with kids so they learn in a fun, game-based environment which include culturally relevant incentives.

Kids with some or no knowledge are welcomed. Homeschooled kids strive in our classes.

Although it’s an ONLINE class, lots of movement, laughter and so much fun will pepper each class.

We offer 4×30 or 5×60 minute bundles which can be purchased for use throughout the week or spread out through the month.